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Making money online is actually pretty simple - the formula is the same whether you’re an affiliate, promoting CPA offers, or you've got your own products.


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Well, if it’s so simple, then why do so many people fail to make a decent income, if anything at all, online?


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  • Setup the links

    With YOUR affiliate links, or to go to your blog, your squeeze page, your own product,  the CPA offer you’re promoting, in every site you want!


  • Setup Opt-in Pop-ups

    Put on any site you wish, also on mobile sites, responsive pop-ups with 3 different opt-in options (Facebook connect, Google Plus, and email opt-in.


  • Opt-in popup builder

    With multiple options, buttons, colors, and templates to make your pop-ups look beautiful and increase your success


  • Mouse control popup

    Detect the precise moment the visitor is about to leave the page and show them a new incentive to stay.

  • Lock Any Site

    For example, lock the content on CNN until the visitors login with Facebook …         ……………………………………………………………..

  • Send FB Notifications

    Not Available In Light Version – Increase your opt-ins and open rates with FB notifications. Anytime you want, send to your subscribers…


  • Use Social Pop-ups

    Forces visitors to like YOUR fan page or tweet YOUR content in any authority sdaaaaaaaadsdsdsaaaaaaaaaaaaa sdsdsaaaa

  • Automatically Post to Facebook

    Make your new campaign instantly post to Facebook to get traffic on demand.

All Autoresponders Work

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Still Here? Here Are Some Frequently Asked Questions

Its Absolute Jacker legal?

Yes if used correctly. If you are using somebody'swebsite we always recommend you request permission from the owner first.

What if I don’t have my own product?

No problem. Absolute Jacker is all about getting up and going quickly without having to do any content creation. Although you could certainly promote your own product with Absolute Jacker, it’s great for promoting affiliate and CPA offers too.

How much do I have to spend on traffic?

You can get started without spending anything on traffic if you wish. Absolute Jacker is better than all similar plugins because it will actually generate viral social traffic for you right out of the gates.

What technical skills are required to use Absolute Jacker?

If you can check your email and click your mouse, you have everything you need to use
Absolute Jacker.

What do I need to get started with Absolute Jacker?

Getting started is easy… You’ll need a domain, hosting, and WordPress installation to get started. Don’t worry, there’s step-by-step installation instructions that explain everything after you download the Absolute Jacker plugin. If you can point, click, and follow instructions, you’re good to go!

What if I get stumped or need help along the way?

Just open a ticket and we’re here to help you.