The Most Anticipated Launch Of The Year... Insane EPC's

Why Absolute Jacker Is A Game-Changer!

Just to choose the site that you like on the internet and make it work for you.

  • Setup the links

    With YOUR affiliate links, or to go to your blog, your squeeze page, your own product,  the CPA offer you’re promoting, in every site you want!

  • Lock Any Site

    For example, lock the content on CNN until the visitors login with Facebook …

  • Setup Opt-in Pop-ups

    Put on any site you wish, also on mobile sites, responsive pop-ups with 3 different opt-in options (Facebook connect, Google Plus, and email opt-in.

  • Send FB Notifications

    Increase your opt-ins and open rates with the power of Facebook notifications. Anytime you want, send a Facebook notification to your subscribers…

  • Built-in opt-in popup builder

    With multiple options, buttons, colors, and templates to make your pop-ups look beautiful and increase your success

  • Mouse control popup option

    Detect the precise moment the visitor is about to leave the page and show them a new incentive to stay.

  • Automatically Post to Facebook

    Make your new campaign instantly post to Facebook to get traffic on demand.

  • Use Social Pop-ups

    Forces visitors to like YOUR fan page or tweet YOUR content in any authority site



  • All Autoresponders work

    Anyway the visitor subscribes, either with Facebook connect or with Gplus connect or with regular email, their email goes directly to you autoresponder

  • Save Countless Hours

    (or weeks/months) creating your own content or hundreds to thousands of dollars paying others to create content for your website

  • Have your website up in minutes

    It’s also very easy to use. With a few clicks of your mouse, you can start making money right away.


    Getting more clickthroughs, opt-ins, and commissions = MORE MONEY in your pocket!

All Autoresponders Work

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Our Proven Sales Funnel!


OTO1 - Absolute Jacker Developer

Save Up to 71% and use the Plugin  for your clients, family and friends websites... Install Absolute Jacker on Sites You Don't Personally Own with the Developer's License.. .

We know you're anxious to access your purchase and don't want to hold you up for too long.
So let's cut right to the chase:

Here's the opportunity to install Absolute Jacker on sites you don't personally own—clients' sites, or sites owned by your friends or family. But that's not the only benefit.

Save a substantial. amount of money on the developer's license version of Absolute Jacker because now...
Yount Pay Only the Difference to Upgrade Your License Not Full Price

The developer's license version of Absolute Jacker is regularly $97.

It has the same features as the Personal. and Business versions of Absolute Jacker.

As a recent purchaser of Absolute Jacker, you paid $37 for the Personal. Use License. Now you have the opportunity to upgrade to a full-developer's license for much less than You'd normally pay.

Limited-Time Special. Upgrade Package Only Pay the Difference

During the introductory launch of Absolute Jacker, we want to extend the opportunity for you to pick up the Developer's License Version of Absolute Jacker—at massive savings.


OTO2 - Absolute Jacker Pro

Absolute Jacker can also powerfully automate all the tools and features it comes with to make running your campaigns easier than you’ve ever imagined possible before. All-in-one and automated? Yes – the best Jacker Plugin for WordPress available on the market today is also automated.


Automating allows you to plan out and schedule post and ad campaigns. Can be set to automatically promote affiliate offers and products, CPA, and more all while you are sound asleep. This means you can target users anywhere in the world at the proper times of day with notifications , truly enabling a more broad approach to business. Just schedule it & forget it.

Multiple lists

So you can further customize your campaigns to subsections of your users to make them even more effective. You can have as many lists as you need to cover every niche category !


OTO3 - Absolute Jacker Power

You’ll get full control over every single one of your subscribers, so that making money is almost as easy as making a withdrawal from an ATM!

Review the profiles of each one of your subscribers

You can laser target your posts and offers (when a subscriber’s needs or interest change, staying on top of what’s going through his or her mind is essential for presenting the most relevant information)

Specific Subscribers
You’ll profit from sending notifications to specific users within your lists (it’s almost like you’ve created custom offers just for them)!

Personalize your notifications
Each recipient’s name, as well as the name of your offer, can appear in a personalized notification.

Launching: October 28th, 11AM EST